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Baby Box Turtle

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In the summer of 2007 a female HBC (Hit By Car) box turtle was brought
into the Zoo Medicine Department of Texas A & M School of Veterinarian Medicine.
She was in such bad shape euthanasia was the only option.
A fourth year Vet Student, Dimitri Brown was the attending student.
He noticed that the turtle had what appeared to be eggs.
He removed the “eggs” and called the Sanctuary for advice.
They were placed in an incubator at the Sanctuary
and after 58 days, two of the three eggs hatched!

Pic of miracle hatching

They are named Miracle and Wonder and are pictured below, if you look real close, you can see their "egg tooth".

Pic of the baby-box-turtles-1 Pic of the baby-box-turtles-2 Pic of the baby-box-turtles-3

Pictured below are The Director and Dimitri

Pic of the Teresa and Dimitri with the baby box turtles

Here is one of the adult Ornate Box Turtles.

Pic an ornate box turtle

Didn't know they liked to climb vines.

box turtle climbing a vine

Check back later for pictures of some of the other box turtles,,,
"Milk Bone",, a chewed on by a dog box turtle,
"Freeway" and "Speedbump" other HBC box turtles

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