Howdy, I'm Frank Saling, Care Giver for the Residents here at the Sanctuary
This is me at the Texas A & M Vet School's Open House March 2004

Sanctuary Care Giver

I'm a retired Viet Nam Vet who has been “into” snakes since the mid 1950’s. I'm a field Herpetologist doing field work around the state of Texas. I'm a Charter life time member of the South Texas Herpetology Association and a member of the Austin Herpetology Association. In 2003 I had the chance to move to the Brazos Valley and become the Care Giver for the Sanctuary, a job which I consider a great opportunity as I get the chance to work with many reptile species instead of just snakes.

Here’s a picture taken at the Palo Alto College Veterinary Technician Program's Adoption day November 2004. I’m showing some of the students how to sex a baby snake

Sexing a baby snake #1 Sexing a baby snake #2

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