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Howdy, I'm Teresa Shisk-Saling LVT, the Director of the Sanctuary

Sanctuary Director and Luckystars

From my left to right is Rover, Spot & Kali, some of the residents of the Sanctuary
Sanctuary Director and Sulcata Tortoises

Below is a picture of Teresa and "Cal"
(yes, we found out the Kali is actually a boy)
and YES,, they do GROW! The above picture was taken in 2003!

Teresa and Cal at the Blessing of the Animals
The above picture was taken at the Blessing of the Animals 2007 hosted by St. Francis Episcopal Church on October 6, 2007.
It was taken by the Brazos Valley Reporter, Lee James

Teresa and Cal at the IOLA Fun Day

Cal continues to grow. The above picture was taken the fall of 2014 at Iola Fun Days.

As a Veterinary Technician in a Small Animal/Exotic Practice in San Antonio, I had the opportunity to see a variety of reptile that are sold frequently at pet stores and reptile “shows”. Most of these animals are impulse buys and little is known about the new pet or the proper care and environment needed. Most of the first animals that I took in as “rescues” were badly malnourished or burned. Most folks were not prepared to deal with a sick or injured exotic animal. Little thought is given to the fact that even though the animal was bought at a pet store or at an “expo”, these are still non-domestic (i.e. WILD) animals and not the easiest to work with. A lot of owners lose interest if results are not seen right away or just are not prepared monetarily to deal with a sick reptile.

My first “rescue” was an Iguana that was found by someone clearing a brushy lot. Thinking it was a snake, they chopped it up with the weedeater. After they realized it was an Iguana, they wrapped it up and brought it in to the clinic I was working in at the time. It took her 6 weeks to die. Iggy tried so hard to make it, but she just couldn’t do it. That was 1989. I have had reptiles in my life ever since.

Here’s a picture taken at the Palo Alto College Veterinary Techician Program’s Adoption day November 2004. I’m holding "Lips" a Green Iguana. His former owners kept him in a very small cage so he “wouldn’t grow” and as a result he rubbed his nose so bad he has no nose. He’s doing just fine now at the Sanctuary.

Sanctuary Director with Lips the Green Iguana

Teresa performs a necropsy on a ball python while a group of future vets watch.

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