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This is EMME. She's an Emerald Tree Boa.

Emerald Tree Boa

EMME was being fostered at the Sanctuary. She came to us with a bad right eye, a respiratory disease and wouldn't eat. Sadly we were not able to save EMME and she passed away. She now resides in the Memorial Garden, the final resting place of those residents who cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Malayan Box Turtle

Malayan box turtle body Malayan box turtle face

This Malayan box turtle, "Curoa amboinensis", came to the sanctuary via a pet shop. It was turned in to the pet shop because the owners didn't know how to properly care for it and the pet shop passed it on to our Sanctuary. It is the most highly aquatic of all species of box turtles in the world. It ranges entirely within the lowland, equatorial rainforests of Southeast Asia. Although it is omnivorous, it's main diet is aquatic plants.

Attila is a Tokay Gecko

Tokay mouth open

As you can see, Attila is aptly named. Tokay Geckos have unique pads on their toes which allows them to climb anything, even glass.

Rusty is a Crested Gecko

Crested Gecko

You can tell Rusty likes it here, see him SMILE.

Some of the many Bearded Dragons living here at the Sanctuary are pictured below.

Some of them are missing toes, limbs or part of their tails,
one was left on the door steps of a Vet Clinic in Austin because she was egg bound.
The Vet spayed her, then she came to live here at the Sanctuary.

Baby Beardies-1 Baby Beardies-2

On the bottom of the stack is Raspberry,
the other four are the "quad". The quad came together to the Sanctuary,
they were left on the door step of one of our friends and he brought them to us.

This is Gismo, a Hedge Hog

Hedge Hog

Yes, there are residents at the Sanctuary other than reptiles.

There's even a Tarantula

Director and Tarantula

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