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Chummy is an Albino Burmese Python

Chummy head Chummy body Chummy tail Chummy in cage

She is over 10 feet long and is very sweet.
She came to us with an upper respiratory infection and numerous bites spots from being fed live prey.
She is now cured and eats frozen thawed prey items.
In 2010 Chummy crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

"Huggy Bear" is another rescue Albino Burmese

Huggy Bear upon arrival on bed

He also had an upper respiratory infection and numerous prey bites as well as being dehydrated and had a bad case of mites when he came to us.
He was very cold as he hadn't been kept at the correct temperature for Burms.
He too is now cured and very sweet.
He will pass up a hand held thawed prey item to get his chin scratched!
He measures over 8 feet long.

Below is a picture taken October, 2007 of Huggy Bear. He has grown, is much better now, and is the hit of our many lectures.

Huggy Bear at the Blessing of the Animals 2007

Sadly Huggy Bear crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2015.

This is "Einstein" the Albino Burm and "Stilts" the cat

Einstein and Stilts the cat

Einstein was turned into the Sanctuary in good health.
His owner was expecting a baby and she knew that big snakes and babies do not always mix well.
She had Einstein from a baby and he was over 9 feet when she released him to the Sanctuary.
Stilts the cat is a rescue also, he's just not too bright!

This picture shows how we convert 55 gallon tanks into cages.
We turn them on their sides, frame in the front, and make doors for them.
This gives the snakes lots of "floor" space and we can stack them four high!

This is "Bootsie" a Normal Color Phase Burmese Python

Picture of Bootsie

Bootsie came to live at the Sanctuary in 2006.
She was more than 13' long and weighed over 100 pounds.
This picture was taken at the Texas A & M Vet Schools Open House in 2008.
She is being held by members of the ZEW Club.
Huggy Bear is also in the picture.

This is "Bootsie" soaking in her water

Bootsie in waterbowl

This is "Vlad" he's a Blood Python
We are his fith home and he wasn't a year old when he came to the Sanctuary. No one could get him to eat.
It only took us 3 days before he took a frozen/thawed rat!
Everyone loves him!

vlad pic 1
vlad pic 2 vlad pic 3
vlad pic 4 vlad pic 5 vlad pic 6

This is "Cuddles" another Normal Color Phase Burmese Python

picture of Cuddles on the table picture of Cuddles being held picture of Cuddle's mouth

Cuddles was abandoned in an apartment by his former owner.
He was in very bad shape, dehydrated, very thin,
and with a sever case of mouth rot.
He is doing very well now.

A Water Python called "Trashcan" because he will eat anything!

Macklot Python

Carpet Pythons (Morelia spilota)

Carpet Python

Above is a picture of "Berber" a "Carpet" Python.
There is another one here at the Sanctuary called "Shag2"

They are both the "Coastal (or Queensland)" version of the Carpet Python.

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