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This page contains a list of people, organizations or companies that have contributed supplies, money, and/or time to the running of the Sanctuary. Without the help of these people the Sanctuary can function, but, their generous contributions make the process of running the Sanctuary much easier. Many, many thanks to them, from us, and from the Residents of the Sanctuary. When available, a link to the contributors website is provided along with their names.

On April 10, 2013 the propane heaters in the iguana building blew up. The resulting fire compeletely destroyed the building and the building next it which contained all the Sancturary's tools and suppiles.

We wish to extend a special thanks to the following people who have made contributions to assist in the rebuilding efforts.

Mary Sanders for her special efforts in rounding up the many items needed in the clean up and rebuilding efforts.

Dr. Sharman Hoppes & Dr. Melissa Smith
For their care and comfort (not to just the animals).

Dr. Guan Zhu

Dr. Janice D. Boyd, Schubot Exotic Bird Health Center

Karen Abichandani

Michelle Tichenor

Beverly Wymola

Linda Rojas

Karen Abichandani

William Herringer

Dr. Jennifer Fryer

Rachel Baggarly

Chris Day

Tom Fuller

Dr. Nancy Ing

Dr. Kathy Scott

Seth Hiddink

Aggies for Animal Rescue Aggies for Animal Rescue Link

Veterinarians Without Borders Veterinarians Without Borders Link

Molly O'Bannion, Danni Davis, Michala McCurdy, Sami Finkbeiner, Ashley Parsons, Madi Cannon and Collin O'Bannion from the Willow Creek Ranch link

TAMU Herpetological Society TAMU Herpetological Society Link

Butch Eustice of Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting Bryan Texas

Thank You HIKAR USA for your donation of aquatic turtle food.
For more information about HIKAR USA click below.

Aggies for Animal Rescue Aggies for Animal Rescue Link
Amanda Rogers
Bettina Rizzuto, (Many thanks for your donation to our Sanctuary)
Ms. D. Page
Comfort Supply, Inc. of Bryan, Texas
Terry Dzierzanowski
Sandra Buck
Alice Dowdy
Barbara Martin
Sherra Jank
HY-POINT Energy, Inc., Caldwell, Texas
Michelle, Will, and Isabelle Herringer
Mary G. Sprague
Tom Hughes
Jennifer Frye
Stephanie & Todd Herbst
Sharman Hoppes DVM & Bruce Nixon DVM
Carl Bussell, Bryan, Texas
ZOO MED  ZOO MED #1 Reptile Products Worldwide
#1 Reptile Products Worldwide

For a list of items we need here at the Sanctuary, please visit the Wish List Page

We can always use $'ers,
for all the things needed to keep the Sanctuary running and the residents fed.

If you would like to contribute for the operation of the Sanctuary,
please click on the secure PayPal link.

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