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Left to right is Neptune a water monitor, Scarlette a Tegu, and Del the Savanah Monitor.
lizards on a leash

This is GIG'EM. He's a Savannah Monitor.

Savanna Monitor in tree

GIG'EM was found running the streets and turned over to the Sanctuary.

The Director and Computer.
Computer is also a Savanna Monitor.

Director and Savanna Monitor

Computer was found on top of a wood pile surrounded by dogs.
He now has a nice big play ground and house at the Sanctuary.
He's leash trained, loves to go for walks, and hunt for crawfish.

Security and the Director.
Security is a baby Savanna Monitor.

Director and baby Savanna Monitor

During the 2005 Christmas Season Security came to live at the Sanctuary.
He too was found running loose in someones yard.

"Baby" the Savanna Monitor arrived in November 2013.

 baby the Savanna Monitor

Here's some pictures of Scarlette. He's an Argentine Red Tegu

Scarlette at the Blessing of the Animals Scarlette in Waco scarlette-santa-hat
scarlette-santa-hat-2008 scarlette-rabbitears scarlette-pirates

Scarlette was burned in the fire of April 10, 2013 and received 1st degree burns over most of his body.
He received cold laser treatments at Texas A & M along with 6 other lizards that also received various degrees of burns in the fire.

scarlette laser treatment

A Mangrove Monitor

Pic of Mangrove monitor

"Cleopatra" a Nile Monitor who's not so nice.

Ornate Nile Monitor Cleo

"Nefertari" an Aisan Water Monitor who's very nice.

Nefertari a water Monitor

"Neptune" another Aisan Water Monitor who's being trained to walk in a harness on a leash.

Nepture a water Monitor Nepture on a leash

"Levi" A Black & White Tegu

Black & White Tegu

"Ramses is a Nile Monitor. He was burned in the fire too.
This picture was taken right after the fire.

Here's a picture of him after his treatments, you can see how well he is healing.

pic of Ramses b4 treatment

He was also treated at Texas A & M with cold laser treatments.

Ramses healing pic

Pharaoh is another of the Nile Monitors here at the Sanctuary.
He was also burned in the fire and received cold laser treatment at Texas A & M.
Here's a picture of Pharaoh after Teresa put silver sulfadiazine cream on his burns.

pic of Pharaoh after treatment

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