The Serpentarium

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The Serpentarium is built from palletts donated by Comfort Supply, Inc. of Bryan, Texas.
serpentarium outside b4 skin

A look inside after the roof and siding have been installed
serpentarium inside

The ceiling after the roof was damaged by a storm
serpentarium outside b4 skin

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Aggies for Animal Rescue Donates funds for a new roof and repairs begin!
Teresa installing the new shingles

Teresa working on roof of the serpentarium pic 1

Teresa working on roof of the serpentarium pic 2

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Frank hard at work
Frank adjusting the rafters of the serpentarium

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All the other helpers
serpentarium building helpers

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Many thanks to Aggies for Animal Rescue for donating funds to assist in the roof repairs!
To learn more about Aggies for Animal Rescue click on the link below
 Aggies for Animal Rescue Logo

For the most current info about what AAR is doing visit their FACEBOOK page.

Aggies for Animal Rescue facebook page

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On April 10, 2013 the Serpentarium was heavly damaged in a fire
when the Iguana building blew up and along with the tool/supply building burned to the ground.

burned iguana building

The extent of the damage was so bad we chose to tear it down and replace it with a 45' shipping container.

pic of new snake building #1 pic of new snake building #2 pic of new snake building #3
pic of new snake building #4 pic of new snake building #5 pic of new snake building #6
pic of new snake building #7

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Here we see Tom and Frank installing the insulation on the walls of the Serpentarium.
First the building was framed in with 2x4s. Then sheet insulation was put in between the 2x4s
followed by another layer of sheet insulation installed over the whole thing.

pic of insulation snake bldg

Next R13 rolled insulation was installed in the ceiling which was also covered by sheet insulation.
Then the serpentarium was wired and ceiling lights were installed.

2nd pic of insulation serpentarium

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Check back often to watch the progress of the rebuilding efforts.

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