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Spot the Tortoise
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Thanks to Wiggins Farms

tortoises eating watermellon

Spot eating watermellon-1 Spot eating watermellon-2 Spot eating watermellon-3

Spot, Rover and Kali enjoy a Summer Time Treat

tortoise house-1 tortoise house-2
The new Tortoise house is well insulated.
It has day and night lights, a heater and a ceramic heating element, all of which are on timers.
We can keep them plenty warm even when itís below freezing outside.
We have a separate electrical circuit just for them and the monitors.
The door can be kept open, or locked down to keep them in when itís really cold.

2011 came and with it came the need for a much bigger house.
It was constructed with the help of Mays Business School students.

new tortoise house tortoise house pic 2 new tortoise house pic 3 tortoise house pic 4
The new house has a smaller house within it.
The inter house can be kept at 90 degrees
and the main house can be kept at 70 degrees
no matter how cold it is outside.

2012 came and with it came the need to move Cal and Azana to a seperate enclosure.
Again, a house was built within their enclosure. It is half the size as the one in the main tortoise enclosure.
As with the main tortoise house, a smaller house was built within Cals new house.
And as with the main tortoise house, they are also climate controled.

Cals new house

2013 has arrived, and the need to expand the main tortoise house.
We plan on adding on an extension to the main house in June or July.
Check back in late July for pictures.

Spikey Carmel is the newest resident in the tortoise enclosure. She came from a very nice home and was well cared for.
Spikey Carmel is seen here after her arrival at the Sanctuary.

spiky arrives

Spikey Carmel meets Spot.

spiky meets spot

Spikey Carmel joins the other tortoises for some fresh veggies.

spiky and others eating

Spikey Carmel developed an overgrown lower beak.

spikey's beak

Dr James Kusmierczyk and the vet students from Texas A & M
came to the Sanctuary to care for Spikey Carmel's beak.

spiky gets beak trim pic 1 spikey gets beak trim pic 2

And they love to dig BIG holes.
tort n hole

Here's a picture of Teresa taken in 2003 just after Kali (now Cal, they thought he was a girl) arrived at the Sanctuary.
From Teresa's left to right is Rover, Spot & Kali (Cal)

Sanctuary Director and Sulcata Tortoises

Teresa shows Cal to the visitors at the Blessing of the Animals 2007

Teresa and Cal at the Blessing of the Animals

Here's a picture of Cal and a month old baby tortoise.

Cal & baby

We weighed Cal in the summer of 2012 and he weighed in at 159.9 pounds!

What a difference 10 years can make.

Here's Teresa and Cal at IOLA Fun Days in the fall of 2014

Teresa and Cal at Iola Fun Days 2014

Cal makes friends where ever he goes.

Cal and friends at the bryan library Cal as the piper Cal and friends 1
Cal & friends 2 Cal and friends 3 Cal & friends 4

Here's a picture of Mack.
Mack came to the Sanctuary from Pennsylvania where he was hit by an 18wheel truck while crossing the interstate.
He has some shell issues, but is doing great!


Mack following Cal around the Sanctuary

Cal & Mack

Cal says "Hello" to Azana as Mack looks on.

Cal & Azana

There are a couple of Russian Tortoises too.

russian tort russian tort bigger one

There's a couple of Redfoot Tortouses and even a Golden Greek tortoise.
Pictures of them will be posted asap.

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