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Teresa has a guest appearance on Houston TV KHOU-TV

Mack, Huggy Bear and Scarlette were all on TV!

She even got to meet Sonya Fitzpatrick The Pet Psychic

To find out more about Sonya visit her website

KBTX Bryan/College TV Station Channel 3 reporter Steve Fullhart interviews Teresa

At first Steve wasn't sure about the reptiles, here he's trying to feed Spot the Sulcata Tortoise a tomato.
"Here turtle turtle turtle" Steve is saying.

He quickly warmed to them though. He even got brave enough to hold Mz. B.

Way to go Steve!

KORA Bryan/College Radio Station Channel 98.3 interviews Teresa at the Tsunami relief fund raiser.

Teresa challenged the radio announcers to "kiss" MZ. B. for a donation.

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